Ways to Keep Your Sales Team Motivated

Motivation is a very important component that helps us to keep going despite the challenges we face along our way. Businesses try their level best to keep their employees motivated to deliver results. Deck builders in Fredericksburg VA adopt different sets of strategies to keep their employees motivated. For a company’s revenue to be high, the sales team must be very organized and deliver better results. Sales teams will deliver good results if the team constitutes people with the right skills and if the team is kept motivated.

Here are a couple of strategies businesses can use to keep their sales team motivated.

Build Trust

The first step to keeping your sales team motivated is through building trust with people in your team. If your team doesn’t trust you and is not convinces you to have the best interest in their heart, it will be difficult for them to be inspired and self-driven to work for you. When the sales team is not motivated, the only way to get them up and running is to have an open and honest conversation with them on the challenges they are facing, as well as the goals they want to meet.


Understand your team

You will not be able to motivate someone unless you understand what motivates them. Understand what each member of your team wants to achieve, both personal and professional. You can ask them a direct question on what motivates them currently, what motivates them in the long term, what they can do to motivate themselves, how to know if they are not motivated, among other things. Even for the answers that seem obvious, never assume. Instead, ask to get answers and seek clarification. Ensure you make them self-reflective as doing so will help in giving you better answers.


Set Goals

As a sales manager, you need to set daily, weekly and monthly goals that your team must meet. Daily tasks involve short term goals that are designed to be lightweight and engaging. Weekly goals are more tangible goals with defined business impact. Monthly goals will be the largest of the three goals and should be accompanied by higher rewards. Also, ensure you set metrics for improvement and track every performance of your team.


Offer appropriate compensation

Different people are motivated by different things. Some get their motivation through sales contests while others are motivated by quota achievements. Others draw their inspiration from qualitative improvements. Some are only motivated by money as others draw their motivation from company recognition. You need to ensure the team is properly compensated with what they need so that they can carry their tasks appropriately. Ensure you provide them with the resources and tools that make their work easy.


Work on Company Culture

People will join your company for various reasons. As humans, we yearn to be recognized and valued. There is a feeling of satisfaction that comes as a result of being appreciated. Employees will be more motivated to deliver better results if the company culture is the right one for them. Appreciate wins, reward performance, give people the freedom to express themselves and a chance to grow their skills and talents.


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