Amazing Body Changes that Happen When You Give up on Carbs

salmondGiving up on an entire food group is not something that is usually advisable, especially when it comes to carbohydrates. Over the last few years, carbs seem to have acquired a bad reputation for making people put on much weight. But in reality, carbs are very important for giving your body the energy it needs to carry out day to day activities. When I catch a heavy carbs meal in the morning, I can pretty work on complex tasks at Vienna Tow Truck, and yet feel I have enough energy to see me through the end of the day.

Eating a low carbs diet or giving up on carbs all together can produce amazing benefits for your body. Many of us take too many carbs and sugar, processed foods and these give you highs and a lot of crashes without sustained energy. Here is what happens when you give out on carbs.


You will Burn More Fat

By naturally getting off your carb intake, you naturally cut out calories. This forces your body to burn stored fat for energy instead of looking at it from the carbs. If you work out in the morning, it can be a particularly good way to utilize burning fat to your advantage. When you work out on an empty stomach, you will burn fat instead of carbs from the foods you have already eaten that day.


You feel less hungry

absIn terms of fiber, healthy fats and proteins, simple refined carbs do not have much to offer. These three are important nutrients your body needs for survival. When you fill your body with foods such as bread and cookies, they will not fill you up according to what your body requires. This means you will need to eat more to satiate your appetite. This means when you cut carbs, you will actually eat less and even feel fuller.


You will get a flatter tummy

When you consume a sugary diet, you give bacteria in your gut’s microbiome plenty to feast on and this is what causes bloating. The key to avoiding bloating lies in your ability to resist the intake of refined carbs and sugar. Additionally, giving up on carbs helps your body get off the risks associated with diabetes. Refined carbs make your pancreas to produce insulin. When you take more sugar and refined carbs, it means your body needs to produce more insulin, and if your body gets to a point of insulin resistance, the resulting effect is type 2 diabetes.


You will feel more energized

Refined carbs will give you energy but the disadvantage is that it comes in quickly and leaves just as quick as it came. This means carbs keep you searching for more quick energy. However, if you substitute carbs with other food groups such as proteins and essential fats, you will get sustained energy. Avoids carbs intake also makes your muscles stronger. Simple carbs lack proteins, as an essential element in muscle building process. The key to having strong muscles lies in taking in proteins.



Tips to Reduce the Risks of Getting Cancer

cancerYou might have probably heard of a lot of conflicting reports when it comes to cancer prevention. In most cases, what is known about cancer is still evolving. Just like all things that are unpredictable, be it the growth of the economy, stock market, need to call towing service due to a car breakdown, weather among others, so is cancer- very unpredictable. However, there are things everyone can do to minimize the risks of getting cancer. Some of these behaviors equally help in reducing the chances of getting other deadly diseases.

Here are critical health behaviors that can go a long way to improving your health and reducing the risk of getting cancer. Let’s look at them;


Maintain a healthy weight

Keeping your weight in check is in most cases easier said than done. First of all, if you are overweight, focus on not gaining any weight in the first place. As time moves by, focus on shedding some extra points until you can achieve the required lean mass. You need to integrate physical exercises and movements in your life. Eat a healthy and nutritious diet full of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. You need to choose smaller portions and eat slowly.

Regular Exercise

While it can be a bit hard to find time for some, it is essential to include at least 30 minutes of your time every day to exercise. More time will always be better. Choose exercising on activities you enjoy. Many things count as exercises including walking, dancing or gardening. Make exercise a habit by setting a specific time every time in your day. You can stay motivated by exercising with someone.


Avoid smoking

smokingQuitting smoking is one of the best things you can do with your life. It may be hard, but yes, you can do it. If you want to quit smoking, you need to keep trying. In most cases, it takes about six to eight tries before you can stop for good. You can also talk to a healthcare provider for help.

Additionally, you can join a quit-smoking group or program. Parents should also try their best to keep their kids out of the cancer equation. Avoid smoking in the house or car, because if kids breathe in your smoke, they may develop a higher risk of lung cancer.


Eat a Healthy Diet

The basics of a healthy diet should not be confusing. In your meals, you should put much focus on fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Always keep red meat to the minimum. It is also essential to cut off bad fats such as saturated and trans fats and choose healthy ones. Make fruits and vegetables every part of your meal. Instead of red meat, opt for chicken, fish, and beans. Always choose whole grain cereals, whole wheat bread and brown rice over more refined ones. Cut back on fast foods and snacks. If you have to drink alcohol, do that in moderation. You may consider avoiding occasions that are centered on alcohol.

How to Fight Being Overweight

balanced dietIt is not a secret that being obese negatively affects your self-esteem, health, and well-being. A person with a body mass index of more than 30 is considered overweight and puts themselves at a higher risk of medical complications, the likes of type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, certain cancers, hypertension, stroke among others. An increasing number of Americans are becoming overweight, and this leads to many health issues.

Your genes play a crucial role in your body weight. However, there are other factors involved. Most people get fat and overweight as a result of lifestyle habits on the foods they take. Those on the rise of getting fat today have easy access to fattening fast foods, sweets, and sugar. If you want to make the right steps to fight to be overweight, here are some essential steps to take.


Have a Balanced Diet

You need to eat clean and healthy by incorporating fresh and organic foods into your eating regime. Eliminate and reduce the use of canned and processed foods. Avoid foods high on sugar as well as floor-based foods such as pastry and bread. Avoid deep fried foods as they have a very high-fat content. Avoid as much as you can fast foods as they are packed with salt and lots of non-healthy fats. You should also eliminate drinks such as soda as they have vast amounts of calories.


Manage Stress

Stress is associated with a high increase in hormones such as serotonin and cortisol, which can quickly lead to a metabolic imbalance. This imbalance may lead to accumulation of fat in your body, especially around the waist. Stress is also associated with high blood pressure, a vice all working to make you obese. When you have anxiety, you get many food cravings, and the type of food your body asks for during craving period is one high on fat and sugar.


Good Sleep

good sleepTo control your weight, you need to have a good night sleep. Deep rest helps your entire body to function in the right way. Sleep is quite essential in regulating and modulating neuroendocrine functions and other metabolisms. Poor sleep can result in problems in your metabolism.


Regular Exercises

Physical activities are essential in reducing body fats and building muscles. Exercising also has a crucial aspect of preventing diseases that are associated with obesity, such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases among others. Exercises also regulate unhealthy body fats to improve your mood and promote better sleep.

Lifestyle Habits that Enhance Health and Longevity

longevityGrowing old is a fact of life and always inevitable. We want to live happily for long but there are those lifestyle habits that throw us under the bus. Living healthy doesn’t have to be that hard, you can do it by changing a few aspects on your lifestyle. Based on a study from the University of Zurich, there are four key lifestyle traits everyone can follow to extend his or her lifespan for more than ten years.

Whereas these findings may not be astonishing, many people do not know them. The lifestyle traits we discuss below provides us with more reasons to live a happy extended life.


Regular Exercises

The benefits of exercising can’t be overemphasized. Stats from the National Health Service show that a healthy adult over the age of 65 years should participate in at least 150 minutes of physical exercises every week. These exercises should be alternated between cardio such as cycling and jogging, to muscle training exercises such as rowing and jumping. You can seek the services of a professional trainer on the best exercises for your age.


Avoid Smoking

Cigarette smoking is the most detrimental of the four lifestyle habits. Studies show that those who smoke have a 57 percent increased chance of dying prematurely. The adverse effects of tobacco are widely known. Basing from the American Cancer Society, your blood pressure and heart rate drop when you smoke. As you work on avoiding smoking, take note to drink more water, at least eight glasses of water every day.


Healthy Diet

When we talk about a healthy diet, it is as simple as we put it. A healthy food goes to a large scale to extending your life. A couple of health research recommends eight easy tips for improving your diet. These tips include increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables, taking lots of fish and cutting down on the use of unhealthy substances such as salt and sugar.


Limit Alcohol Intakes

Those individuals interested in drinking excessively are without their knowledge taking off essential years off their life. Extreme consumption of alcohol is one of the most harmful and detrimental things you can probably do to your body. Studies show that small amounts of alcohol can have many benefits to your body, only if it is not abused. Studies show that one or two drinks each day can lower your chances of developing dementia or having a stroke. This study points out that whiskey is among the healthiest substances that have no fat, with deficient levels of carbohydrates.



Health Benefits of Eating Sea Foods

fishFish is among the healthiest foods on the planet today. It contains essential nutrients, proteins, and vitamins. Fish is also the world’s leading source of omega three fatty acids which are very important to the brain and body. Whether you are sourcing your fish from freshwater or saltwater source, fish is one of the most critical delicacies. There is a lot of research that shows how eating seafood can be beneficial to your body. Here are the benefits that sea foods provide to the body;


Important Nutrients

Fish is high in nutrients that many people do not get. These nutrients include proteins, vitamins, minerals, and iodine. Some fish types such as Salmon and Tuna are healthier than others. Fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, trout, and mackerel have higher fat based nutrients. Oily fish is also higher in Omega 3 fatty acids, and these acids are essential for the functions of your body and brain.


Lowers Risk of Heart Attack

Fish may reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. Stroke and heart attack are some of the most leading causes of premature death in the world. Studies have shown that people who regularly eat fish have a lower risk of heart attack and death from related heart diseases. Researchers also believe that fatty types of fish have more benefits for the heart health because of their high levels of omega three fatty acids.


Crucial Nutrients for Development

Fish contain nutrients that are quite crucial during the developmental stages of human beings. Omega 3 fatty acids are very essential for human growth and development. These acids accumulate in the developing eye and brain. This is the main reason expectant, and nursing mothers are advised to use them. On the contrary, fish is also high in mercury which is linked to developments with brain development. Due to this reason, pregnant women are advised to eat fish that is only low in the food chain, such as trout, salmon and sardines and not more than 340 grams per week.

Protecting the Brain

Research has shown that fish increases grey matter in the brain and protects it from age-related deterioration. One of the leading consequences if aging is the deterioration of brain function. Severe disease such as Alzheimer’s disease has a more devastating effect on the brain. The leading cause of brain deterioration is the depletion of grey matter. This is where fish comes in ads it protects the grey matter from aging.